Oneness is the destination at the end of the Journey our souls take. ​

It is my philosophy that we are here in this human experience to realize that although we perceive ourselves as flawed or broken we all come from the perfection that is the Source/Creator of all that is. You may know that energy by another name. I believe the name isn’t as important as the perspective we attain from this knowledge. I feel that our reason for being in this life experience is to understand that we constantly get to make a choice to expand into love or contract into fear.

And that consistently making the choice to expand into love brings in the awareness of Oneness with Creator, the awareness that we never truly separate. I feel that this destination of Oneness is certain, that we all come back to it eventually.

And that we have the free will to choose what our Journey to Oneness looks and feels like.

What do you choose? Journey to Oneness helps you Navigate those choices. Infinite Resonance Therapy is a vehicle available to you to make that Journey 2 Oneness.