What is Infinite Resonance Therapy?

The question is best addressed by first explaining what Resonance is in relation to the Body, Mind and Spirit. In these terms, Resonance is how our vibration, energy or mood reacts as it interacts with other living things (sentient beings).

It is how we change or adapt to all that we perceive and come in contact with in our day to day lives. These can be the experiences that enhance our lives or that can throw us “out of balance”. It can sometimes feel unpleasant or uncomfortable to be around vibrations that are vastly different from our own. This is called dissonance.

In some cases, we raise or lower our vibration to meet other frequencies. Although It can feel more pleasing to sync our vibration to the others in the room and doing this can help us feel more in connection and safer as part of the group, it is not always honoring of ourselves to change our vibration and can lead to its own feelings of disconnection and dissonance with self as we move further down the path of self-discovery and empowerment. If we have a strong personality then others may sync up to us or shy away.

The definition of Infinite Resonance is to be able maintain our own vibration no matter who is in the room with us or what situation we are in, to be Whole and Full as much of the time as possible, to immediately know when we are out of alignment, and to be able to utilize understanding, training and tools to come back to Whole and Full as soon as possible after the awareness is made. And to do all this without judgment of self or others. These are big goals.

However, they are the reason we are where in this life experience, in these fabulous machines of miracles we call our bodies. To be anchored in our own energy, magnificence and divinity so that changing who we are and how we show up isn’t necessary to receive and share love is the ultimate expression of Infinite Resonance Therapy. And when we do this we encourage and allow all the other people in our lives the opportunity to do the same.

Infinite Resonance Therapy offers many different pathways to achieve these goals of unconditional love, joy, wholeness and authenticity. These methods are designed to be complementary to one and other and to be utilized in the order that brings the most joy, peace and understanding to the participant. Many of the tools shared in the Infinite Resonance Therapy pathways are focused on giving us the permission and freedom to utilize self-care methods as an expression of self-love.