J2O Intuitive Healing Session

A Journey 2 Oneness session combines many approaches to
relaxation, healing, clarity and understanding.

J2O utilizes channeled wisdom from Creator and the client’s personal guides to create a unique healing experience directed by the client’s highest and best good at the time of the session.

Sessions typically start with a guided meditation and Reiki energy healing to calm the nervous system, clear the mind and refill the energy field. After the body and the nervous system are returned to their natural state of balance then the deeper level healing and understanding tools below and more can be utilized.

To follow a particular healing path to its conclusion the need to extend the session past the scheduled 60 mins may arise. If this occurs additional payment may be required.

J2O Sessions

A J2O session may include any or all of these tools based on your personalized assesment.

Intuitive Connections

Deep level soul healing of persistent life patterns through guided intuitive wisdom.

Intuitive Connections accesses the body remotely and uses it as the gateway to access emotions and energy that may be preventing full healing of trauma.

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Life Experience Navigation

Life Experience Navigation is a conversation-based aspect to the J2O session and utilizes intuitive and connected guidance.

Achieving an expanded perspective of the issues and challenges occurring currently in their life as well as tools and suggestions on navigating those challenges with grace, ease and love.

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Infinite Resonance Therapy

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine energies into a Divine Oneness through the release of limiting beliefs and ancestral programming.

This protocol was specifically designed to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of inherent in everyone.

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Accessing The Akashic Records

Our Akashic Records house all our past, present and future thoughts, events, emotions and intentions.

Find your soul purpose and life lessons, understand reoccurring relationships and access information regarding future possibilities

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Prepaid session discounts available.

Prepaid session packages are available at a discounted price. Prepaid sessions may be shared with others or given as gift certificates.
Contact Lisa directly for more information or to purchase prepaid packages.

*** All sessions are remote via phone or Zoom unless other arrangements have been made with Lisa ***

Once you have purchased a session, Lisa will contact you to schedule your appointment.
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