J2O End of Life Support

One of the most sacred areas of my work is connecting and supporting those in Hospice or at the End Stage of Life

I have been blessed many times over the years to connect on the physical, energetic and spiritual levels with those coming to the end of their human experience and help guide them to a place of peace and greater understanding of what comes next.   I feel honored to make these connections and am offering this service to the public for the first time. 

This support not only brings comfort to the patient but to the family as well.   Sessions can be a 1-time experience or over time with multiple occurrences depending on the patient situation and needs.  Just like my other J2O sessions no 2 E of L sessions ever happen exactly the same.  Sometimes it’s a physical holding of hands, offering Reiki energy, talking and listening.  Sometimes its building an energetic connection from a distance while checking in to their higher self or guides and determining what is needed to make an easy, peaceful, joyous transition.  This peace and comfort are sometimes the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones.

Please contact Lisa directly to discuss your loved ones needs and situation so that we can develop a care plan suitable for the situation.