Events and Workshops

Reiki Refill Zoom Call

Every Tuesday at 7PM

Hosted by Infinite Resonance Therapy

Do you find yourself feeling drained but sleep isn’t helping? Do you wonder when/if you are going to enjoy life again? Are you still feeling disconnected even when spending time with others? Navigating through the events of this year and concern about what could be next is our primary focus and what is keeping us from refilling our Energetic fuel tank. In my work I’m exploring the side effects of long term depleted Chi/Qi/Lifeforce and I’d like to share what I’ve learned along with some refilling tools and practices. This a free event however donations, while not necessary, are greatly appreciated.

DM me or text me at 407-761-8555 for more details.
Donations accepted via Venmo @Lisa-toney-3
or PayPal