Customized Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is an extremely effective tool to assist in quieting the mind, calming the nervous system and accessing our inner awareness. Please enjoy these audio and video meditations offered by Lisa. If you feel you can benefit from a more personalized mediation experience Lisa can design and record one specifically crafted to speak directly to you and the goals you seek to access. A Customized Guided Meditation also makes a beautiful gift of Thoughtfulness and Love for someone special.

Video Meditations

BALANCE 20 Minute Guided Sound Bowl Meditation

FORGIVENESS 20 Minute Guided Sound Bowl Meditation

Self Love Meditation with Sound Bowls

Chakra Meditation with Sound Bowls – Incredibly Healing

Guided Audio Meditations

Meditation to Move Energy

Approximately 20 minutes Customized Guided Meditation $35
Once you have purchased your meditation Lisa will contact you to find out specific details..

Contact Lisa with any additional questions.