My Reiki
Training Philosophy

I have practiced Reiki since 1997 and taught since 2005.

The students I am seeing these days are beginning Reiki training with a greater awareness, openness, and thirst for information than ever before. I have noticed in my classes that the students seem to be grasping the concepts of energy healing at an amazing pace with many of them stating they finally discovered words for feelings they had been experiencing for many years. 

Hearing this echoed in many students lead me to the decision to brand my teaching as Enlightened Reiki.

I have noticed that we are spending more of class time on expanded energetic concepts, because for many of the students the class is a deep level, intuitive remembering rather than learning new information.

Enlightened Reiki blends the traditional teaching with non-traditional methods, sometimes channeled information. The attunements, exercises and symbols are passed and presented as taught to me, but we go much further in the teachings and personal practice support.

Enlightened Reiki explores the energy of crystals, forms of energetic connections, alternative healing techniques and exercises and gives more detailed information regarding practitioner care. The emphasis is on using intuitive life tools to identify and release blocks and barriers to living a more peaceful expansive life. This goes hand in hand with my work, Infinite Resonance Therapy.

Lisa L. Toney

Lisa L. Toney

Reiki Master

Energy Therapist, Life Experience Navigator, Intuitive Healer and Channel