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Infinite Resonance is when our inner landscape is freed of constrictions and limiting beliefs at all levels.

This freedom allows us to have an ever-expanding awareness of love and joy, specifically the unconditional love of self, others and the world as well as an access to the joy that comes when the spiritual self and the physical self come info alignment also known as our MOST EMPOWERED LIFE.

Creating our Most Empowered Life is the purpose of all humans and can be achieved in many ways. The Infinite Resonance pathways offered here place an emphasis on honoring our own magnificence, having a greater awareness of the role we play in all of our interactions & relationships and give the permission to set standards and boundaries for how the world treats us through how we treat ourselves all while meeting the challenge of being effective, efficient and easy to use.

Infinite Resonance Therapy

One on One sessions primarily focused on deep relaxation and the balancing of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

This is achieved through Bodywork, Energywork and Spiritual Conversation resulting in personal and professional perspective shifts and the release of limiting beliefs allowing for a calming of the nervous system and an overall sense of peace.

Infinite Resonance Inspirations

Intuitively channeled inspirations, ponderings, and tools energized with the highest vibration of unconditional love and joy. These are gifts channeled through my perspective and experience, designed to be integrated with ease and efficiency.

Take them in at your leisure, reading each multiple times. Each reading will add a new energetic dimension to the information.

Infinite Resonance Institute

An ever-changing portfolio of joyful, energetic classes, workshops, and events designed to expand and clarify perspective, enhance opportunities for growth and solidify well being.

Learn the history of Reiki, practical application, the basic chakras, the 5 principles of Reiki, the power of work & thought, Reiki Symbols, Absentee Healing and Mental/Emotional Healing, and much more.