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Infinite Resonance: when your inner landscape is freed of constrictions and limiting beliefs at all levels.

Infinite Resonance Therapy utilizes a wide array of tools to facilitate a holistic approach to achieving Wellness, Joy and Connection to all life has to offer.

Energetic Awareness Training

Channeled Wisdom & Guidance

Emotional Communication Techniques

Leslie G

Lisa and I worked together intensely for a solid year, consistently clearing and peeling back layers of thought patterns and conditioning. She helped me reframe my perspective of myself, creating room for growth and possibility. I love her jovial, direct, and lighthearted approach. I have recommended many people to Lisa for healing.

Therรจsa F

A Healer’s Healer! Lisa holds an amazingly safe space in which to explore and release blocks, releasing old stuck energy out of the mind/body. A confident healer with an innate aptitude for facilitating movement forward on your path or spiritual journey. Just love working with her.

Laura G

Lisa is a very intuitive and gifted healer. She knows exactly which specific healing modality or combination will work best the moment she comes in contact with you. I am extremely grateful for her!